The Japanese model-actress, who plays Mikasa Ackerman, a talented soldier fighting lớn keep humanity safe from man-eating giants, reveals what goes on behind the scenes of the live-action film adaptation of the popular manga, Attack on Titan. 

Japanese model-actress Kiko Mizuhara plays the talented soldier Mikasa Ackerman in the live-action film adaptationof the Japanese Manga Attack on Titan. (Photo: Encore Films)

SINGAPORE: Technological advances have allowed many live-action film adaptations of popular Japanese manga series such as Lupin III and Rurouni Kenshin khổng lồ be made. Attack on Titan (Ao
T) was added to lớn that danh sách this year, with the second part of the two-part film scheduled to lớn hit Singapore later this month.

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In the world of Attack on Titan, humanoid giants called Titans roam the earth and feed on humans, forcing them to lớn cower behind towering walls built khổng lồ withstand their attacks. One day, the outer wall is breached by a colossal Titan and humanity struggles to cope as a horde of Titans swarm into their city through the breach.

The Survey Corps, a band of human soldiers who battle the Titans lớn keep humanity safe, springs into action. Among them is Mikasa Ackerman, a talented soldier who fights the Titans alongside her childhood friend & squad mate Eren Yeager (Haruma Miura), a teenager with the ability lớn transform into a Titan.

A rampaging colossal Titan in a scene from special effects-laden film Attack on Titan 2: end of the World.(Photo: Encore Films)

An immense amount of special effects was used to lớn bring Ao
T’s fantastical tale to life. But Japanese actress Kiko Mizuhara, who plays Ackerman in the film, revealed in an interview transcript that while all the special effects helped make this titanic project manageable, the cast still faced many challenges.

In the manga, the Survey Corps soldiers use special gas-powered devices to lớn slingshot themselves around the battlefield và defeat the Titans with hardened blades. Unfortunately, there is a limit to lớn what can be done with computer-generated special effects, so the cast found themselves spending a lot of time doing wirework lớn look believable as high-flying Survey Corps troops in the film.

“It was my first time doing wired kích hoạt scenes. When I was offered the role, I immediately realised that I had khổng lồ train my toàn thân because Mikasa is one of the strongest members in the Survey Corps. For two months, I went to lớn the gym on a frequent basis, và I also went for chiropractic sessions, in order to lớn make my body more flexible.

“I had a personal trainer who helped me to lớn train my muscles. I also practised together with the action team members. I practised hard throughout the process, sometimes up lớn eight hours a day. I was hoping lớn achieve the abdominal muscles of Mikasa (in the manga), but sad khổng lồ say, I did not have enough time to accomplish that,” said Mizuhara.

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Actress Kiko Mizuhara (right) & the cast members of Attack on Titan underwent a considerable amountof wirework training for the film. (Photo: Encore Films)

She added that acting in Ao
T was also mentally challenging, as the extensive use of green screens and special effects meant she often had to lớn work very hard khổng lồ imagine she was being attacked by Titans even though she could only see a green screen.

“Everything was new lớn me. It was the first time for me to lớn be wired up, & it was very difficult lớn film with the green screen, but it was also interesting. When there was actually nothing in front of us, we had to lớn imagine that we were being attacked by the Titans and we had to lớn react accordingly.

“With the other cast (members), we also had lớn make sure that our expressions were timely together and that was very tough. However, I felt that we developed a team spirit through this enjoyable process,” said Mizuhara.

When asked what she would do if she met a real Titan, the actress said she would bởi her best to escape, unlike her character in the film who would probably try lớn slay it.

“The only thing I can think of is to run away,” mused Mizuhara in an thư điện tử response to lớn Channel News
Asia. “Maybe it will be impossible khổng lồ run, so I might just give up.”

Hình ảnh Mikasa (Kiko Mizuhara) cứu đứa bé nhỏ thoát khỏi lũ khổng lồ trong "Attack On Titan" khiến fan phiên bản live-action mửa ngày ra rạp.

Mới đây, bộ phim điện ảnh chuyển thể đình đám Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) lại tiếp tục tung raloạt ảnh quảng bá mới. Sau 100 năm bị giam cầm, bọn
Titan khổng lồ đã phá hủy bức tường thành và lần lượt tràn vào ăn thịt con người. Hình ảnh người dân hoảng sợ chạy tán loạn thật sự khiến người coi đau lòng. Vào đó, phải kể đến cảnh
Mikasa (Kiko Mizuhara) đangbếmột đứa nhỏ xíu chạy bay với gương mặt đầy sợ hãi.
Satomi có lại thần thái tốt lắm, thật mong muốn đợi", "Tạo hình của cô ấy tôi thấyđược nhất trong dàn nhân vật, sau đó phải kểđến Mikasa"...

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