New things of Shark Tank Viet phái nam season 5

Continuing the mission of connecting startups with investors, Shark Tank Vietnam officially returns to lớn season 5 at 8pm every Sunday on VTV3, starting khổng lồ broadcast episode 1 on June 5, 2022 .

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In this season 5, Shark Tank Vietnam has a new classy and luxurious identity with the presence of leading European furniture brands, expressing the desire for a prosperous Vietnam.

Shark Tank Vietnam season 5 applies two new rules of the game. These are Golden Ticket - Golden ticket for priority negotiation & Duel Pitch - Duel, adding drama and bringing more opportunities for startups.

Shark Tank has brought a strong breakthrough opportunity for startups who are participating in the program. At the end of season 4, Shark Tank Vietnam recorded 5 startups successfully appraised & disbursed including: Coolmate, King Crab, Anhome, Blu
Saigon và Cello Fundamento.

Episode 1 Shark Tank Vietnam season 5 welcomes 3 business models

Episode 1 aired on VTV3 on June 5, 2022 has launched 3 startups in 3 industries & 3 different business models.

Jungle quái thú - a startup that opens adventure tours, founder Luu Dung EM & AI - a startup providing automated customer care solutions using Voicebot AI, founder Le Ngoc Tri Hana Gold - Gold business startup accumulated on the 4.0 giải pháp công nghệ platform, founder Hana Ngo

Episode 1 marks the impressive debut of the startup Jungle trùm cuối - a company operating in adventure tourism and cave exploration in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, quang Binh province. Founder Luu Dung called for 12 billion for 10% of the company"s shares và expressed his desire khổng lồ accompany the Sharks lớn bring people closer to lớn nature and overcome their limits. The reason for raising capital is khổng lồ invest in developing new products of Jungle Boss: paragliding và high-end camping.

The next startup lớn raise capital is Le Ngoc Tri - Co-founder và CEO of EM & AI startup, Vo Huu Truong An - in charge of product and customer experience. Two representatives of EM & AI came to lớn Shark Tank và demanded 1 million USD for a 5% stake to provide a global solution of Voicebot AI – automatically calling customer care with artificial intelligence voices.

The last startup to lớn appear in Shark Tank Vietnam season 5 episode 1 is Hana Ngo – Founder and CEO of Hana
Gold. Hana Ngo calls for an investment of $200,000 for a 10% stake. Regarding the business model, Hana Ngo said that this is a size of deposit lớn buy gold. Hana
Gold builds a website and mobile application for customers to recharge và buy accumulated gold from only 100,000 VND.

Realizing the potential of adventure tourism industry, Shark Hung Anh và Shark Hung auctioned the Golden Ticket for prioritizing to negotiate with the startup Jungle Boss.

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Founder Luu Dung said that from 2016 to now, Jungle monster has welcomed more than 40,000 visitors. Jungle Boss"s main sales channel is online, accounting for 90%. Before pandemic, the number of foreign tourists accounted for 90%, Vietnamese tourists accounted for 10%, but after the pandemic, the number was reversed, Vietnamese tourists accounted for 90%.

The Swing tour sản phẩm is attracting a lot of visitors, the price is also high, so increasing sales is possible. He also revealed that, in the first 4 months of 2022, Jungle boss had sold this swing tour lớn nearly 500 guests. He also said that with 8 Jungle quái thú products, the company has only reached less than 30% of its capacity. Jungle quái thú has plans to lớn preserve and protect the environment lớn be approved by the Provincial Committee such as limiting the number of guests, solutions for littering và going lớn the toilet indiscriminately...

After Covid-19 pandemic, economy recovered as well as domestic and international tourism markets also showed optimistic signals. Shark Le Hung Anh is especially interested in this start-up adventure tourism product. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of tourism, Shark Hung Anh is always passionate about new projects and products in tourism, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Shark Hung Anh has invested his enthusiasm & experience in applying giải pháp công nghệ to tourism products, bringing a smarter and more convenient travel experience to lớn global customers. Traveler Vietnam was born to lớn bring pride because it is a sản phẩm of Vietnamese intelligence and has marked and resonated in the international tourism market.

Sharks constantly attract startups with their inherent strengths as well as ways khổng lồ help Jungle quái vật develop in the future. After two Sharks "left the tank", the remaining 3 Sharks, Shark Hung Anh, Shark Hung & Shark Binh all decided to invest in Jungle Boss.

Shark Hung Anh decided to lớn increase the amount of capital poured into Jungle boss with an offer of trăng tròn billion for 30%. This was followed by the Golden Ticket auction between Shark Hung và Shark Hung Anh, gaining the priority lớn negotiate with the startup Jungle Boss.

After Shark Hung gave the number 100 million for his golden ticket, Shark Hung Anh immediately raised it khổng lồ 150 million. Two Sharks continued to lớn "struggle", the number on the golden ticket continuously increased, from 160 million, 200 million, 250 million, 270 million, 300 million, 310 million. In the end, Shark Hung closed the number of 400 million on the golden ticket và Shark Hung Anh stopped negotiating with the startup.

Closing the deal, Jungle quái nhân became Shark Hung"s first successful khuyến mãi in Shark Tank season 5. In addition, the EM&AI project that Shark Lien closed the khuyễn mãi giảm giá with, poured 100,000 USD in advance for 2 months, if the start-up hiệu quả chiến lược is not met, it must be refunded. Money back. The Hana Gold startup did not receive an offer due lớn the risky and unfeasible business model.

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